The significance of wetlands

Wetlands play a vital role in the functions of our planet. They provide ecosystem services that are fundamental to our very existence. They regulate our climate, provide fresh water, support the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle and the carbon cycle and provide cultural, spiritual and recreational facilities which are essential to our holistic health and wellbeing.

Wetlands provide a unique and aesthetic landscape of cultural, historic or spiritual meaning. Many religions and cultures attach spiritual values to aspects of wetland ecosystems.

"Man is part of nature’s ecosystem. No matter how much he might try to isolate himself in a concrete jungle, Man cannot get away from the fact that he relies for his health and wellbeing on ecosystems and ecosystems in turn rely for their health and wellbeing on man. If man pollutes and destroys an ecosystem that ecosystem can no longer work to sustain man" (Wheater, 2014)

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