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FRAGYLE has requested the Government to purchase all the private lands in the Yalgorup Lake System from Tim’s thicket to Myalup and from the Old Coast Road to the Ocean
to protect and preserve them in perpetuity.

This is in line with the EPA’s Recommendation 4a in their Strategic Environmental Advice on the Dawesville to Binningup Area

"The Yalgorup National Park should be extended and consolidated by incorporating private vegetated enclaves west of the Yalgorup Lakes and other adjacent reserved lands."

FRAGYLE has approached the Department of Planning requesting that the whole area of the Yalgorup Lake System should be declared a National Park to conserve and protect it for the benefit of our children and their children and that no commercial development should be allowed to take place within that area.

Recommendation 10 of the EPA Strategic Environmental Advice of the EPA is

“The Coastal and Lakelands Planning Strategy should be reviewed and that this Strategy and other land use planning initiatives in the study area should be guided by this report’s advice and recommendations.”

FRAGYLE has put forward a proposal to the State Government to construct “An Ecological, Educational and Recreational Park” within these lands in the Yalgorup Lake System from Tim’s Thicket to Myalup and between the Old Coast Road and the Ocean.

Just a Park is not Enough

Just a Park is not enough. People will not go to a Park just for the sake of going to a wide open space. The Park must provide interest, recreation and explanations and revelations of the wonders of nature. It must be an “ecological, educational and recreational” experience.

Nature’s Health Clinics

The benefits of nature have been recognised for over a century when William James introduced his “Attention Restoration Theory” for the cure of “Directed Attention Fatigue”.

“Directed attention is the conscious focussing of the mind. Too much of it and the mind becomes fatigued. When fatigued the capacity to solve problems is impaired. Wrong decisions are made often having disastrous consequences. Directed attention is thus the key to effective human functioning. When it is fatigued and impaired we cease to function rationally (Kaplan, 1995). “

In order to restore our directed attention James believed we needed four elements; a place to escape to; a place with extent and wide open spaces; a place that is rich and varied enough to stir interest and be another world and finally a place in which one feels comfortable.

This could be the Yalgorup Park. The Lake System contains all those elements. But it is just a Park and just a Park is not enough.

The Yalgorup Lake System has the potential to become
the first Natural Health Clinic in the World.

A leader in its field; a significant tourist attraction, a recreational and educational area for the people of Western Australia; a recuperative retreat for those suffering from depression, ADHD, work-related stress, directed attention fatigue, obesity, diabetes and all the related health and mental symptoms associated with these health problems.

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