About Fragyle


FRAGYLE was inaugurated in 2006 after two large developers presented to the people of Preston Beach their plans for 7,500 houses and a thriving city center north and south of the fishing hamlet of Preston Beach.

Horrified at the thought of what such a development would do to the Yalgorup Lakes and wetlands a group of residents met in a local house in June 2006 and FRAGYLE, Friends of Ramsar Action Group for the Yalgorup Lakes Environment, was born.

The Aims of FRAGYLE

  1. To protect and sustain the integrity of the Yalgorup Park, its Lake System and Environment
  2. To ensure the values of the Ramsar Convention and the WA Wetlands Conservation Policy are upheld
  3. To protect the underground water system from overuse and degradation.
  4. To raise public awareness of the threats to the Yalgorup National Park, its unique Lake system, flora, fauna, the tuart forest and the living thrombolites.

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