Birds that rely on the Yalgorup environment

The Ramsar wetlands of the Yalgorup Lakes System are the breeding, moulting and feeding grounds for thousands of endemic and migratory birds each year. The migratory birds eat to put on weight to enable them to make the long flight to the northern hemisphere where they breed. Without this crucial part of their life cycle they would have insufficient energy for their long, gruelling flight to their breeding sites and would die en route

Some of the migrating birds such as the Red-necked Stint, come to Yalgorup from their nesting grounds in Siberia to feed during the summer before returning to their home ground to breed. The Ramsar Convention was set up to protect such migratory waders on their long journeys north and south.

Indigenous varieties come to Yalgorup every year to feed and breed. These include Black Swans, Australian Shelducks, Banded Stilts, Red-capped plovers,Crakes, Australian Crakes, Australian Reed-Warblers and Pacific Black Ducks.

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